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Our programs

At our sports academy, we boast one of the nation's premier residential and educational complexes, meticulously designed to seamlessly blend high-performance sports training with academic pursuits. Through our innovative educational sports project, we harmonize top-tier athletic training with robust academic growth, ensuring that our students can excel both on and off the court.


What sets our campus apart is the diverse array of high-quality educational programs tailored to our student-athletes. From various high school offerings to college and MBA programs, we provide a spectrum of educational pathways.

Our community comprises seasoned professors, coaches, and staff, each bringing a wealth of expertise to their respective roles. Their collective experience enriches our students' journey, nurturing their professional, athletic, and personal development towards unparalleled success.

The Campus

We pride ourselves on offering high-level educational and sports facilities meticulously crafted for the holistic development of our students/athletes.

Within our campus, you'll find:

- A UEFA-standard training field
- 4 state-of-the-art padel courts
- Fully-equipped gym
- Dedicated physiotherapy room
- Invigorating swimming pool
- Convenient snack corner
- Cutting-edge video rooms
- Luxurious residence accommodations
- Quiet study rooms
- Welcoming common areas for relaxation
- Resourceful library

+ 2.000 students

from ages 12 to 30

43 nationalities.

Designed exclusively to optimize the academic, personal, and social growth of our student-athletes, our facilities encompass everything a high-performance athlete needs to excel in their professional development and skill refinement.

With our residence, educational center, training camps, and leisure areas all conveniently situated within the same complex, we ensure an environment conducive to fostering success in every aspect of our students' lives.


Nestled in Arboç, Tarragona, Spain, our campus enjoys a strategic setting:

  • Just a short 35-minute drive from the vibrant city of Barcelona

  • Conveniently situated only 30 minutes away from El Prat - Airport

Captura de pantalla 2024-07-10 a las 14.35.45.png

Barcelona, Spain's second most populated city, boasts a dynamic population of 5.7 million residents.
Renowned for its cultural richness and economic vitality, Barcelona serves as a central hub with exceptional connectivity to other cities.
Moreover, its international airport facilitates seamless daily connections to destinations worldwide.

Why us?

Our program stands out as the ultimate destination for student-athletes seeking comprehensive development and advancement.

With our state-of-the-art facilities, dedicated staff, and nurturing environment, we provide the perfect setting for growth and progress.

Situated in a prime location, our academy benefits from favorable weather conditions ideal for sports training. Moreover, Spain's rich sporting culture and globally renowned educational system further enhance the student-athlete experience.

From Padel to Football, Karting to Sailing, our diverse range of sports offerings caters to every passion and ambition.

At our academy, we provide the tools, support, and atmosphere needed for student-athletes to thrive and reach their full potential.

  1. Provision of sports clothing and equipment

  2. Access to all sports facilities

  3. Assistance with school enrollment, grades, and MBA registration

  4. Leisure activities coordination

  5. Organization of sport events

  6. Cultural excursions arrangement

  7. On-site physiotherapy services

  8. Access to a nutritionist

  9. Availability of a nurse

  10. Access to a psychologist

  11. Utilization of WPT methodology

  12. Personalized sports report generation

  13. 24/7 supervision and support

  14. Full board accommodation

  15. Residence card assistance

  16. Visa issuance support

  17. Power of attorney for minors (legal guardian)

  18. Personalized training programs

  19. 20-25 hours of academy padel training weekly

  20. 5 days a week of training + league matches

  21. Catalan Padel Federation registration (FCP)

  22. Participation in national & international tournaments (FIP)

Padel Scholarships

To determine the final price of the program after accounting for possible scholarships, we'll consider the percentage range of scholarships offered and apply it to the essential price. Here's a breakdown:

Essential Price - €63,000
Scholarships Offered - 30% to 50% of the essential price

Factors Affecting Scholarship Acceptance
1) Padel Level Analysis:
Evaluating the applicant's skill and proficiency in padel.
2) Country Federation Ranking:
The applicant's ranking within their national padel federation.
3) Financial Situation Analysis:
Assessment of the applicant's financial need.
4) Others:
Any additional criteria set by the committee.

Possible Final Prices:
- With a 30% scholarship: €44,100
- With a 50% scholarship: €31,500

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